Property and Real Estate Services Division (PRESD)

Welcome to the Ministry of Public Administration, Property and Real Estate Services Division (PRESD) Property Management Portal. Property Owners/Agents and Ministries, Divisions and Agencies (MDAs) can now benefit from a range of quick, easy and efficient services. Property Owners/Agents may now list properties for selection by MDAs, manage property maintenance and track online unresolved issues. MDAs requesting accommodation can review listed properties and select based on stated criteria.

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Property Owner/Agent Registration

  Property Lease / Rentals / Acquisition

  Maintenance Management

Property Owner/Agent Registration
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Ministries, Departments and Agencies Registration

  Request For Accomodation

  Maintenance Management

  Track Requests

MDA Registration
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Members of the public may log complaints or report abuse of GoRTT managed properties or assets.

  • Property Owner/Agent
  • MDAs
  • General Public

The PRESD Portal is a Government portal that allows Property Owners/Agents to register and list properties for lease or acquisition by GoRTT Ministries/Divisions/Agencies.


CIC Building Level One
122-124 Frederick Street
Port of Spain
Tel: (868) 624 - 9159 Ext. 2555 or 623 - 8844 or 780 - 6893

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